Oct 22, 2017

Calipers Box round 2 (post 1/2)

Still working on box#2! (I borked my leg and picked up a dining-table project, so this is still ongoing)
This means I have the opportunity to take more photos of the steps I missed last time.

After milling out the calipers profile, etch-a-sketch style and seating the tool in the bottom half, I traced out the remainder on the top blank. This one needed a void for the round bezel-dial and not much else.

Here I'm also matching up the ends to mark where the hinges go.

Milling out the bezel void with a ball endmill for extra aesthetics. Hinge and magnet mortises happened afterwards.

I was lazy and decided to lasercut all my inlay pieces. They are 3/32" thick and would've been a pain.

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