Aug 8, 2020

Whale Blackwork Pattern

I've been working on some digital art!
This is intended to be a 12"x12" pattern (25 dpi) for blackwork, an embroidery technique that accomplishes neat shading effects with variations in fill pattern and line weight.

Embroidery pattern depicting a whale and fish

Nov 25, 2018

How Jumping Spiders Jump

I gave a talk at CEE's 35 Anniversary conference about some of my current research in the Shamble Lab  - our current understanding of how jumping spiders jump, and how we set up the simulations and physical experiments to figure that out.

PS: I am RSI '12, but I'm not / never was a software engineer at Two Sigma. 

Jun 23, 2018

leg reconstruction

Hey! It's been a while, so I'm here with a different kind of post. It's now been 5 months since my surgery and 10 months since I wrecked my leg (8/18 accident, 10/6 first surgery, 1/23 final reconstruction), and this post is on how a bunch of doctors (and my biology!) made me a new leg.

Dec 29, 2017

Calipers Box round 2 (post 2/2)

Hinge detail. I messed up a bit with the mortise widths, so I cut shims from scrap walnut and sanded them flat. The hinges for this one also open 180deg per giftee's request (they turned out so nice I'm thinking of modifying mine to open flat too)

brass hinge and wooden shim in carved box insetbrass hinge and wooden shim in carved box inset

Putting finish on the inside. I masked the pockets because I'm putting felt in this box (glue doesn't stick well to polyurethane.) I'm using satin polyurethane because it offers a marginally better protective layer than oil finishes, and it keeps enough of the grain texture to avoid looking awfully glassy.

wooden box with masking tape around pockets

Dec 17, 2017

Farmhouse Table

photo of finished wooden table

We needed a dining table, so I made a table! I bought wood from a lumberyard, then spent two months in the HobbyShop trying to finish this in time to put food on it for Thanksgiving (spoiler: just barely did it in time)