Oct 18, 2015

East Campus Rollercoaster 2015

After seeing last-year's successful revival of the East Campus Rollercoaster, I also became very excited to continue the tradition one more year. A team of enthusiastic 2017s Shankha B., Nick M., Jennie B., and 2018 Rebecca K. joined up with me to come up with plans and ideas over the January winter term. We immediately started on the design, calculations, and approval process. Thanks to the hard work of our Rush Chairs, construction subleads, and others, we were able to complete this giant endeavor during the first 8 days of freshman orientation.

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(Photo credit: David L. Ryan & Boston Globe)

(video credit: Lauren St. Hillaire)


We got some news attention from atlasobscura and the daily good, and we even got a twitter shoutout from Chris Peterson!

Construction documentation coming soon :)