Jan 24, 2017

Safety Sign

Small art project: tiny fire safety sign!

I'm in the process of making my own version of Diego Mazzeo's mechanical dragon illustration on my door, and the dragon needs to breathe fire.

Finished sign!
This project was short and simple. I cut some scrap 1/8" aluminum to size and rounded off the corners on the belt sander, then laid down strips of orange reflective tape. 

This tape ended up being much more retroreflective than I had expected from random internet tape. I'm really pleased with it.

The black designs were cut from electrical tape. I overlaid strips of tape on a piece of wax paper, cut out the fire design, then peeled off the paper backing. This process also worked out rather well for the black round-corners.

Sign on door! There will be a post on the door itself once I add the moving mechanisms.