Oct 23, 2017

Art and Pickles

Made some art for a friend, made some pickles for me (and roommates!)
Art is chalk pastel on scrap matboard.

multicolor drawing of a forehead and wispy mohawk

drawing of two arms firespinning with devil sticks, a type of juggling prop

drawing of a wooden spaceship against a galaxy background
This one is derived from some panels of Saga, an excellent (but super NSFW) comic series.

Pickles are various kinds of fermented or refrigerator pickles.
(avoiding botulism in canned pickles is too much effort to bother with)

a bowl of finished pickles, showing a red radish slice cut into a flower shapejars of daikon (left) and carrot/radish (middle) quick pickles, and napa cabbage kimchi (right)
I cut the radishes into flowers for one of the carrot-radish jars, but the small red radishes were a little too delicate and most of the slices lost their petals in the process.

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