Oct 23, 2017

Art and Pickles

Made some art for a friend, made some pickles for me (and roommates!)
Art is chalk pastel on scrap matboard.

This one is derived from some panels of Saga, an excellent (but super NSFW) comic series.

Pickles are various kinds of fermented or refrigerator pickles.
(avoiding botulism in canned pickles is too much effort to bother with)

I cut the radishes into flowers for one of the carrot-radish jars, but the small red radishes were a little too delicate and most of the slices lost their petals in the process.

Oct 22, 2017

Calipers Box round 2 (post 1/2)

Still working on box#2! (I borked my leg and picked up a dining-table project, so this is still ongoing)
This means I have the opportunity to take more photos of the steps I missed last time.

After milling out the calipers profile, etch-a-sketch style and seating the tool in the bottom half, I traced out the remainder on the top blank. This one needed a void for the round bezel-dial and not much else.

Here I'm also matching up the ends to mark where the hinges go.

Milling out the bezel void with a ball endmill for extra aesthetics. Hinge and magnet mortises happened afterwards.

I was lazy and decided to lasercut all my inlay pieces. They are 3/32" thick and would've been a pain.

Oct 11, 2017

Mario-style jumping spider experimental rig

Hey! A lot of things have happened in my life in the past two months, so I've been pretty delayed in posts.

A little bit about what's going on in my life currently - I'm now a researcher in the Shamble Lab! We study jumping spiders and try to figure out how they work. (The PI already has a bunch of cool discoveries about these critters, check them out)

We do a lot of serious experiments, but also some silly ones. This one is a play on a map from SuperMario3 (it's World 1-1)

We were creating repeatable horizontal/vertical obstacles to measure how far spiders were willing to jump, then realized we effectively were making a side-scrolling game. So we made one!

This version was made from lasercut acrylic, with tape on the tops and sides of the platforms to provide grippy surfaces. The entire setup was mounted on 2ft tall foamcore panels, to dis-incentivize  the spiders from simply leaving the stage.

However, the spiders behaved as you would expect a 3D character to behave in a 2D world - exited as soon as they got bored.

At least we got a video.