Dec 29, 2017

Calipers Box round 2 (post 2/2)

Hinge detail. I messed up a bit with the mortise widths, so I cut shims from scrap walnut and sanded them flat. The hinges for this one also open 180deg per giftee's request (they turned out so nice I'm thinking of modifying mine to open flat too)

Putting finish on the inside. I masked the pockets because I'm putting felt in this box (glue doesn't stick well to polyurethane.) I'm using satin polyurethane because it offers a marginally better protective layer than oil finishes, and it keeps enough of the grain texture to avoid looking awfully glassy.

Outlining felt with sharpie. The calipers pocket took two pieces, so I shaved the overlapping section into a taper to remove the bump.

This glue is the best (I originally got it for gluing shoe rubber...) but it has noxious fumes. Ventilate well when using it!

The back of a knife is good for pressing the felt into tight corners. I left the box to dry overnight, then scraped/sanded off excess glue.

Putting finish on the back.

I completed this box in time for Christmas! These photos are taken with a much nicer viewcamera.


2/2 boxes done! Glamour shots in the sunlight.

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