Oct 5, 2016

Kayak at NY Maker Faire

Kayak has been on 
     - 1 ocean
          - 1 river
               - 1 lake
                    - 1 plane ride
                         - 1 road trip
and now, it has made an appearance at NY Maker Faire!

Without conducting any maintenance since the California adventure, I tossed the kayak bag into the trunk and joined MITERS in showing off our silly projects.

It still has the mussel-inspection tag from Santa Clara county!

Assembly took something along the order of 15-20min, where I was grateful I had made the frame assembly order non-critical (I couldn't remember whether I needed to build the front first or the back) Sometime soon I will need to switch to a longer-lasting pole marking method, and get a stainless replacement allen wrench.

Once I had the kayak set up, I could help assemble the rest of MITERS's booth. Most of our visitors fell into three categories:
     - People who like shiny metal objects and robots
     - Kids who wanted to drive the go kart
     - Old boat enthusiasts who were excited to see a non-3D-printed object / robot at Maker Faire

I'm glad my kayak did its part to entice tourists to talk to us!

Seeing MakerFaire for the first time was really cool, too. There was plenty of PowerWheels racing:

Also car-art, a la Mad Max:

A nice relaxing weekend of hanging out with MITERS:

And other silly projects. (I was puzzling for so long whether this violinist was controlling the hubwheel-skateboard with pitch or amplitude. Turns out there was another person behind her with the remote!)

But most notably a never-ending line of small children wanting to try out the go-kart. Some of them even considered building one after riding it!

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