Sep 24, 2016

Kinematic-Coupled Magnet Pen

Woooooaaah, new stuff.
Our first lab in 2.750: Medical Device Design was a refresher in mechanical engineering fundamentals - designing, calculating, and validating measurements for a kinematic coupling.

Kinematic couplings are really cool - a simple, deterministic way to prevent things from wobbling or be otherwise imprecise in all 6 DOF. One of the professors for the course is really into kinematic couplings, and so of course we the students needed to share in the joy by making some ourselves!

I have to build more gift-pens anyway, so I thought it would be cool to magnetically connect the two halves via a kinematic coupling using buckyball-magnet-toys.

We'll see how my design performs in real life... in ~3 weeks :P

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