[2.70] Desk Strategies

Page where I muse about strategies to accomplish this desk design

Functional Requirements:
- Linear travel approx. 10", max desk height 42"
- No obvious front legs
- Can feasibly hold 300lbs anywhere (static)
- Flat-Pack disassembly

Strategy 1 - Wall Cantilever

  •  Per the white paper's "analysis needed" section, did some experimentation with a model linear axis and (soon) more experimentation with actuating said linear axis.

Strategy 2 - Freestanding Cantilever (Floor-Mounted)

  • The cantilever bit uses all the same math as Strategy1; instead of worrying about finding studs in a suitable wall, this strategy uses extra math to determine if the floor base will buckle
    (sch. 40 black steel pipe would work but probably something thicker than 1" pipe)

Strategy 3 - Ceiling Mounted Suspended Desk

  • Not really considered because attaching to the ceiling will cause even more damage/ annoyance than mounting to the wall, so why?

Conclusion - going with Strategy 2 - Freestanding Cantilever

  • Would really rather not figure out how to build a wall to demo this desk...

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  1. we will supply a wall--but you have hit on the topic of "gee, what if I do not have a wall"... like in a cubical....