Apr 17, 2017

[2.70] Cardboard Concept Desk

Modeling a concept desk out of cardboard, just as a quick stupid-check before designing components in detail.

The goal here was to see what this desk idea would look and feel like, without worrying about geometrical tolerances. I also played around with adding trusses to the interior of the desk (and added a drawer!)

Construction was all hot-glued corrugated cardboard, with the exception of the simple linear axis which makes a final reappearance here. So, the vertical column was assumed to have substantially higher stiffness than the rest of the cardboard desk.

Adding more thickness (box drawer) to the desk significantly helped improve moment of inertia and reduce deflections, but I don't think the interior trusses contributed much. I think future desk might scrap the truss idea in favor of having just clean box walls.

Derp-cardboard desk's only attachment to the carriage was via hot-glued foamcore, and clearly future desk will need a more load-bearing attachment system. Surprisingly, hotglue held the desk and 200g of motor components just fine.

Real desk will also likely be a wall-mounted desk, for simplicity.

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