Jan 7, 2015

LEGO Minifig

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they have hoodies!

To celebrate LEGO's collaboration with MIT's Media Lab, we were all invited to come eat dinner and play with blocks. One of the stations they had set up was "Make Yourself in Minifig Form," with suitcases full of pants, tops, heads, and accessories.

When I was a kid, LEGO girls only had one hairstyle! (Though this particular hair was probably Harry Potter's) And I didn't realize LEGO now made parts that fitted on the shoulder. Or that neck-parts existed. I remember making tiny Kleenex capes and scarves, but these are real plastic!

So I huddled at the "Kids Corner" with kids ages 3-43, only half listening to the Ninjago presentation on-stage (also really interesting,) searching for myself. A yellow zip-up jacket. Slate-colored jeans. Blue hoodie. Glasses face. Black messy hair. Green cross-body bag. Yup, that's pretty much me. Just add coffee.

LEGOs are great.

Me + coffee cup
good-cop/bad-cop head makes for interesting changes of expression
My photoshoot setup.
Everything's possible if you just believe in the macro setting!

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