[2.70] Desk Concept Layout

Woah, the semester kinda ran away from me re:documentation.

Desk concept is fairly minimalistic: it's wall-mounted, and is an open construction. The objective is to use as few boughten items as possible - I'm taking advantage of a wealth of reuse-components here.

There are two modules: the linear axis, which is mounted onto a wooden plate screwed to the wall, and the wooden desktop.

Linear Axis Concept (see linear axis posts here)
  • Two-rail system with actuator in the center
    • Running parallelism set during assembly
    • Direction of travel set by ballscrew
    • Machined carriage with four bearing pads

Desktop Concept
  • 5/8" 18"x36" plywood top, with 1x2 pine arms.
  • Screwed together with corner brackets
  • M6 bolted connections to carriage

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