[2.70] Reuse Components

I also bought components (running-BOM), but working with these reuse parts drove my actuator design.

Actuator: Reuse Stepper Motor & Reuse Ballscrew
First item was the ballscrew. Everything revolved around this item, so I spent a seek&geek characterizing it (no part number) and also did some calculations based on the closest datasheet I could find.

The class-given Nema17 stepper would not be able to drive this ballscrew, but I did have an assortment of motors on my shelf, and one of these was a larger size Nema-23. This motor would be able to drive the ballscrew, so I'm using that instead.

Bearings: 8mm ID deep-groove bearings & linear bushings
I also have a bunch of these, so I'm planning on making all my shafts fit the 8mm bearings. Calculations so far suggest that I might have a friction problem later (the ballscrew is high pitch), but the motor might be coggy enough to prevent backdrive.

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