Jan 7, 2015

2.670 (part 2)

Day 2 of How-To-Unsketchily-Use-A-Mill-And-Lathe was spent milling! Unfortunately, I completely borked my phone this morning, so no progress pics.

Basically we drilled a lot of holes. Lots of holes. It was fun watching the rest of my group (the three of them had never used a mill before) go from hesitantly stopping the spindle every time before moving the bed to barely even pausing to clear chips until the step was complete.

We also made a pocket, which was great. Everyone assumed I had done plenty of pockets before (this was my first manual one), so I was really happy to not make any mistakes. (I definitely spun the handcranks a few times before starting to remind myself which way was clockwise!)

Tapped stuff, brushed finish, assembly, boom! Flashlight.

I still like the knurl the best.

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