Jan 5, 2015

2.670 (part 1)

So shiny! Today was day 1 of 2.670 (How to Properly Use a Lathe and a Mill) spent turning an aluminum flashlight handle from scratch.

Step 1: Face a piece of stock and turn the first diameter

Step 2: Turn more diameters, cut a groove with the parting tool, and make tapers with the bevel!
(I hadn't used a dedicated beveling tool before :D) 

Optional step 2.5: admire the shininess.

Step 3: Use a die; round off threads while waiting for everyone else to go.
Step 4: Drill a hole. Drill it again (so that's how you make flat bottoms!)

Step 5: Can't have too much shiny
Step 6: Make a knurl (my favorite part)
Step 7: Lop off excess so it becomes 2" tall (adorable!)
Step 8: Become hypnotized by the shininess.

Next up: Milling a Flashlight Head!

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