Jul 3, 2014

headphone scare and fix

I pulled a pair of Sennheiser HD25-1 II headphones from the Media Lab loading dock a few weeks ago. They've been amazing, except sometimes sound would cut out from the right can. From Instructables I learned the issue was probably from a loose connection, so I started taking it apart.

Tinning the cable leads was easy, but I screwed up removing the little plastic cap that protects the tiny connectors; my pliers caught on the voice coil and tore the tiny magnet wire.

The voicecoil is comprised of insulated red aluminum wire. To reconnect the wire I had to carefully burn off the insulation by holding a soldering iron to it - but not too long! The aluminum disintegrates a fraction of a second after its insulation burns off. It took many retries and precious millimeters of wire to get the process right. 

I didn't have enough wire at this point to attempt stripping the other end and soldering them together, so instead I maneuvered the stripped end I had onto the connector itself. and flooded the receptacle with solder.

Not pretty, but it works!

I'll just roll on the vinyl caps and pretend this screwup never happened.

(I've forgotten to document my unfinished projects. More blogging will come soon.)

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