Feb 21, 2014

first steps on a glass table

    A few months ago, Putz frosh and I recovered the glass viewing panel from an abandoned food counter in Stata loading dock. After letting it sit in the lounge for a couple of weeks, I've decided to make it into a desk - a 5'5" long, 22" wide desk. 
    But first, to take all the disgusting food particles off this thing.

    Ew, is that a ketchup stain? Gross!

    After vigorously attacking both sides with soap and steel wool, I still didn't like the aesthetics of the micaform. I proceeded to remove the coating with cold chisel and hammer. 

    Veneered plywood would make a much more attractive substitute. I cut some to size with the sketchy table saw in EC basement whose blade was set at a noticeable angle... and also lacked a power switch. I had to take care not to let the power cord catch in the drive belt when I plugged and unplugged it ... a human power switch. Yikes.

    It's almost straight...
    Because I plan to screw down the tabletop to 2x4's, using bolts to secure the veneer to the tabletop will allow me to hide countersunk screws while still allowing me to disassemble the table. I found some suitable bolts and made them shiny with steel wool. Legs will come next time.

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