Feb 17, 2014


    My Valentines's Day contribution this year was a SCARA robot soap sculpture. I had this lovely pink and white block of soap (looks like bacon!) that smelled somewhat like Coca-Cola. Perfect.

   My design was modeled after this super-fast SCARA, Forming the main body of the robot would be a simple matter of slowly gouging away material, but this soap was soft and likely unable to support itself for the length and thickness of the arm. I decided to keep the marbled side mainly intact to use as a support; luckily for me, that side is beautiful as is.

     Starting cuts! I normally use my assortment of utility and penknives to do soapwork, but I found a set of wax-carving tools in Putz Closet. Score. The flat gouge and curved pick were especially instrumental in making the detailed areas possible.

     I sketched out the areas I was going to remove from the surface. This face had the typical brittle "shell" that chips away instead of allowing smooth slices, so I scored deeper lines to prevent losing my columns.

    Here, you can see the form roughed out. Slivers and toolmarks are all over the place, so I ran a slow stream of water over it to smooth it out. I then inserted bits of wire to finish the model and dried it on the radiator. Done!

 (yes, that's a heat sink)

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